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How to get the most out of silk fabrics

The best fabrics for fabrics to wear on your garments are determined by the type of material.Fabric, on the other…

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How to buy a luxury silk silk scarf from a Chinese silk merchant

A silk scarf is a traditional piece of silk, often used in weddings, and is one of the most sought-after…

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Which Silk Products Are Most Popular in Your Region?

Silk proteins are the most popular protein sources in North America, with nearly 80 percent of people in the United…

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5 amazing ways to get a great silk shirt

A good silk shirt can really add a lot to your wardrobe, and for some people, that means an extra…

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Why you might not want to wear silk for your wedding day

You might be tempted to opt for silk pajamas instead, but if you’re worried about the way it looks or…

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The silk kimonos and diamond & silk gowns that have won the hearts of fashionistas everywhere

The silk tank top, silk kahlua robe, and diamond&silk gowns are the stars of the show, and they are truly…

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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