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The best silk nighties for women

We’ve been looking for the best silk evening gowns for a while, and now we have a new contender.This year,…

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Why the world needs silk, a new silk pillow case

The silk headband has long been considered a symbol of luxury and status, and is often worn by women in…

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NFL player silks silk jersey and gloves before kickoff

Silks are the ultimate comfort, but when it comes to wearing your favorite team’s logo on your body, it’s hard…

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How to choose the best silk pillowcases

This year’s Silkbonnet competition, a collaboration between the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and the…

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How to create a silk pillow case that you can’t live without

My dream pillowcase is my own personal dream, a dream pillow that I can’t find anywhere else.I love to wear…

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What to wear when you want to sleep with style, not comfort

Best Silk Lingerie for Sleeping Beautifully article Silky silk lingerie is a fashion statement and the perfect accessory for every…

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The Best Silk Pillowcase For Your Smartphone, Smart Phone Case And Smart Phone Cover

With its stylish, functional design and durable construction, the Silk Touch is the perfect pillowcase for your phone, smart phone…

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