‘Birds Of A Feather’: Emily Furlong’s book on the game that changed her life

The sportswriter’s book ‘Bears of a Feather’ is due to be published in November, with a preview due to appear on the website of The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on Thursday.

The author, who has been described as a ‘footballing genius’ by her close friend Julie Walters, is also set to appear in a special feature on the swimsuit magazine.

Read moreBears Of A Fish is set to be released on October 31.

In the book, which is a combination of her life’s work and her own experiences, Furlongs thoughts on how the game has changed her, how she sees herself as a player and what she has learnt.

She wrote:”I’ve been reading a lot of books in the last year, which has allowed me to reflect on my own game and how it has shaped my life.”

I was very interested in the way that the game shaped my career, and I felt like I had to explain that to people, but it has also helped me to see that this game can have such positive effects on the world.””

I think it’s a game that is constantly changing and that is why it’s such an amazing way to have fun.

“It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about the journey and having fun.”

She continued:”The game is so much about the players and what it means to be a human being.”

To be a professional footballer is not about the money or the fame or the money.

It’s about being a good person and a good human being.

“Furlongs memoir will be published by Bloomsbury in October.

Read the full story on The Sport.

The sportswriter’s book ‘Bears of a Feather’ is due to be published in November, with a preview due to appear…

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