What is a tatcha?

The silk garments of tatchas are the finest in India, but in the country’s most populous city, New Delhi, they are being sold in a sea of red and green and white.

In an effort to differentiate them from the more expensive black and white, a team of designers has decided to make them a more affordable option.

Tatchas can be worn as a dress, skirt, blouse or a skirt, as well as as a t-shirt, cardigan, jacket and skirt.

They are also available as a scarf and petticoat.

The designers, led by the award-winning designer Nandini Bhatt, wanted to make the garment affordable enough for the middle class and the underprivileged.

But to do so, they first had to come up with a design for a fabric which would not make the fabric too expensive, said Suresh Jain, who leads the design team.

In the process, they came up with the idea of making a silk fabric that is not only light but also soft and flammable.

They developed a fabric that was made of cotton and silk and which would have a soft feel when worn.

“It is a very high-end garment,” said Jain.

“It has a fabric quality that is very good.

It’s very easy to wear.

It is very comfortable.

It has a lovely smell.”

The designers have been able to make a silk garment that is both light and flimsy, and they have even been able not to lose its quality.

It also has a soft smell.

The silk fabric is a blend of two fabrics, cotton and silken.

The fabric is made from a blend which makes it easier to wash.

The silk fabric has been made in a factory in Hyderabad, and it is currently being produced at the Pune factory of L&M.

They hope to produce a mass-produced t-shirts, jackets, blouses and skirts in the next three years.

The t-shirts will be sold in the cities of New Delhi and Mumbai.

In addition to being a light and fluffy silk garment, the t-toys are also very durable.

“We are making them in a high-speed industrial machine, which is very durable,” said Srinivas Vittal, the textile manufacturing executive of L & M.

“We are very proud of the high-quality materials used in the tatchatas.

They will be used for a long time,” he said.

In New Delhi’s plush Noida area, Jain and her team have been working hard to make their t-products more affordable.

They have been selling them in stores for Rs 6.99 ($1.39), and they are selling them on the Internet for Rs 4.99.

It will take them a month to produce enough t-Toys to be sold at wholesale price.

The silk garments of tatchas are the finest in India, but in the country’s most populous city, New Delhi, they…

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