Month: November 2021

How the Japanese porn industry changed with the rise of the “sexy” shorts

When the porn industry came to Japan in the 1990s, it was a huge business.The industry had to deal with…

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‘Birds Of A Feather’: Emily Furlong’s book on the game that changed her life

The sportswriter’s book ‘Bears of a Feather’ is due to be published in November, with a preview due to appear…

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Which are the silk elements in corn silk?

When it comes to the silk components of corn, the main one is the silk fiber, which is made up…

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Silk Roses and Silk Aquarium Plants Are the Best Plants to Keep in Your Bathroom

We’re all about keeping plants healthy, but many of us have trouble getting through the day without a bath.This is…

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Which silk pampering can I expect at my local Silk City?

This article was originally published by The Washington Post on August 29, 2018.The Washington State Department of Agriculture and Industries…

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How to get the most out of your silk pjamas

The Australian Financial Journal, Volume 48 Issue 9 Issue 6: September 18, 2018 by Sarah Lee This article was first…

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What is a tatcha?

The silk garments of tatchas are the finest in India, but in the country’s most populous city, New Delhi, they…

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How to Make a Biosilk Silk Wedding Dress from Bioskilk Silk

BioSilk Silk is a new silk company that was launched in 2018 to bring to market new materials, and to…

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How to make a silk purse: 5 easy steps to making the most of your money

Silk purses are a trend these days.They are easy to make, easy to use, and, in a pinch, they are…

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