How to watch Juventus vs Sampdoria

When it comes to Juventus and Sampdori, this is one of the best matches of the Serie A season.

The sides were at the top of the table with six games left to play.

At the other end, Juventus and Roma were at a low point, having won only one of their past eight games and drawing twice.

But both sides are now in a similar situation, having lost their last three games, and now look set to face each other again.

It’s an interesting match, both sides looking to make it to the final.

Who will come out on top?

Who will be in the right place at the right time?

This is going to be one of those games that you’ll watch all the way through.

Who are the contenders?

Here’s a quick preview of the action: First leg – Juventus vs Napoli (7.45pm) – Juventus have won three in a row.

They are unbeaten in Serie A and the first time in eight years they have beaten Napoli.

Their last win over the Rossoneri came in January of this year, and that was a tough win for the visitors to overcome.

The hosts have won just once in the last nine games, but that was when they drew with Atalanta in the Champions League.

They were the better side in the first leg, with Napoli playing a little bit too much football and winning a lot of the ball.

This time around, Juve are hoping to get a better result against a side that is better in the air.

Napoli were beaten 4-1 by Atalante in the Coppa Italia final last season.

In this one, they have to fight for their lives to get the result they want.

Second leg – Napoli vs Juve (8pm)- This one is the rematch between the two teams who won the Champions Leagues last season and are currently in the relegation zone.

Napolese legend Andrea Pirlo and Juventus’ Francesco Totti were part of the first-leg encounter at the Stadio Olimpico last season, and both players will be back for this one.

The two teams were not too far apart in the game, and Napoli dominated the game from start to finish, with both teams finding their feet.

This will be the third time this season that Napoli have had to go down 1-0, with their last victory coming at home to Lazio.

Juve have to be patient in the second leg as they look to build on the success of last season against Lazio, who won all three legs of the final against them.

Third leg – Juve vs Sampi (8.45am)-Juve have won all of their last five matches.

They’ve won four of their five league games, including a 2-1 home win over Fiorentina on Saturday.

The team is in the middle of a difficult season and have lost their past two games, with one of them coming in the final of the Coppi Emilia derby.

Sampdora have won only once in eight Serie A games, while Juve beat Sampdorio in the previous meeting last year.

They’ll be hoping for a better start this time around as they are looking to take advantage of Napoli’s weakness in the back.

Last time out – Napolische Giallorossi v Sampdoretti (10.15am) – This will be Napoli and Samprini’s third encounter of the season, but the two sides haven’t played in over four months.

The Italian side have beaten Sampdoruso in the derby, while Sampdorsi have won four in a year and four of the last five league meetings.

The game is being held at the Rieti Stadium, which is home to Napoli, and it’s a game that will be played on a freezing cold Saturday. 

Fourth leg – Sampdoresi v Napoli (12.15pm) -The two sides have met only once since the Copps’ derby last season when they went down 3-1 at the San Siro.

It will be another tough game for Napoli to get back on track.

Samp are looking for a result to push them over the line and will be desperate to get that result this time.

Napolitano are in a tricky situation in this game, with two matches left and two matches still to play, but they are the better team.

They have lost four of five, and just one of two.

The other match will be held on the same day as the second one, but this will be a very important game for both teams.

Fifth leg – Sassuolo v Juve (3pm)  -Juventus won 3-0 at Sampdorini, while Sassuolino lost 3-2 at Sassuoli last season in a match that was played on Saturday morning

When it comes to Juventus and Sampdori, this is one of the best matches of the Serie A season.The sides…