Why silk robes are so cool and why they can cost you $2,500

Chinese clothing, made of silken fabric, has long been a staple of Chinese culture.

And its popularity has exploded in the past decade, thanks to the country’s burgeoning middle class and burgeoning middle-class consumption.

Now, some of the most expensive silk robes you’ll find anywhere in the world are made from silk smithas.

These luxury, luxurious, silk robes come in two basic styles: the silk robe and the silk skirt.

The silk skirt has the same material as the silk robes, but the skirt is made of a different silk, a silk-colored fabric called silk-silk.

Silk-silken fabrics can range in price from around $2 a pair to as high as $4,000 a pair.

But some of these silk-skirted robes are a lot more affordable, ranging from $800 to $1,400 a pair, depending on the style.

If you can afford them, these expensive silk-kitted robes are sure to be an essential piece of Chinese clothing.

We found some amazing silk-clad silk-lined robes at a flea market in Shanghai.

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Chinese clothing, made of silken fabric, has long been a staple of Chinese culture.And its popularity has exploded in the…

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