How to wear a silk scarf top to Pakistan

The scarf top can also be worn to Pakistan.

Here is how to wear one to Pakistan, in the words of a friend who has travelled with the family.

Source: The Irish Globe/Reuters/Getty Images/GettyImages1 / 8 Irish silk scarf tops are worn as a scarf top in Pakistan.

The scarf tops can also also be used as head covers.

Source/Getty images2 / 8 Pakistani silk scarf Top – Top from the UK.

The top has a different fabric.

The sleeves are shorter.

It has a hood with a scarf, and the back has a scarf patch.

Source /Getty Images3 / 8 Indian silk scarfTop – Top – from the USA.

The cloth is very soft and feels warm and comfortable to wear.

The sleeve is longer.

The hood is made from a different material.

The back has two layers of fabric.

Source: The Indian Express/GettyImage4 / 8 Polish silk scarfTOP – Top, with sleeves, hood and collar from the US.

The fabric is very thin and soft.

The arms are wide and the sleeves are long.

The front is made of silk.

Source/Getty /Getty 5 / 8 A Pakistani silk silk scarf TOP – Top with a hood from the United States.

The shirt has a red, blue or green ribbon around the front.

The sweater has a black ribbon around each shoulder.

The collar has a small, black, gold or silver ribbon.

Source /Getty / Getty 6 / 8 British silk scarftop – Top for the family from the Isle of Wight.

The silk is soft and comfortable.

The neck is made out of silk fabric.

The scarf is made up of different layers of different colours.

The collar is made with a red silk ribbon.

The sleeve is made using the same silk fabric as the hood.

The sleeves are made out with different colours of silk wool.

The back is made to be open at the front to allow for movement.

The front has the same material as the scarf.

Source – The Irish Mail Online/Getty7 / 8 The Irish silk sarong Top – This is a traditional top from Ireland.

The embroidery on the shirt, the sleeve and the hood is a sign of respect to the country.

The colour is red.

The embroiderry on the scarf is a symbol of respect.

The colours are blue and green.Source

The scarf top can also be worn to Pakistan.Here is how to wear one to Pakistan, in the words of…

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