Silk bed sheets from the future, say Amazon and eBay – Recode

Amazon and Etsy have just launched the first batch of products that will allow users to buy and sell items that are made with synthetic fibers from hemp and hemp products sourced from Canada and other countries.

In a press release, the online marketplace, which sells items ranging from hemp beds to “hippie” clothes, announced that the items will be made in the US using hemp and synthetic fibers.

The hemp products are sourced from companies such as Hempco, which has been working to make the hemp fiber used in the product.

The new products, which are designed for those who want to buy “anything with a hemp label,” include silk sheets, a hemp bed sheet, a silk bed sheet with “honey” and “faux” colors, a soft hemp bedsheet with “bronze” and a “leather” bed sheet.

These are “new hemp products” that Amazon and other companies hope will be used to make products that are “more eco-friendly and less expensive,” according to the release.

“These new hemp products will help us make products for people who value quality and value the environment,” the company wrote in the release, “which we believe is the future of our industry.”

In addition to the hemp bed sheets, the new hemp bed products are made of “natural cotton,” which is a natural fiber that is not treated with synthetic dyes.

They are also made of hemp-based “biodegradable” paper, which is recycled when it is cut into sheets.

The company said that the new products will be available in July and will be priced at around $15 to $20 per sheet.

Amazon says it will also be making hemp products that feature hemp “hobbyist” branding.

Hempco co-founder Michael Stromberg told Recode in January that the company is developing hemp-derived materials to help it better compete in the “high-tech hemp” market.

He said that a new product could also be made with the hemp fibers to create “an industrial hemp bed with more functionality and quality.”

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Etsy did not respond to Recode’s request for an interview.

The launch of the new “Hemp Bed” line comes just months after Etsy said it would be introducing hemp-friendly products for its customers.

In May, Etsy announced that it was developing hemp products in an effort to “better connect with our Etsy community” by “shaping our products to meet the needs of Etsy’s customers,” the site said.

The company added that it will begin selling hemp products as part of its “New Hemp” program, which aims to help retailers “create products that meet Etsy’s unique needs.”

In May, the company also said it was working on an effort that would allow Etsy sellers to create hemp-free products and “help us help our customers,” a program that “includes hemp, hemp-fiber products, and hemp-textile-fabric-free.”

Amazon and Etsy have just launched the first batch of products that will allow users to buy and sell items…

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