A silk scarf with a diamond embedded in it is now selling on eBay for a record $6 million!

A new luxury scarf with diamonds embedded in its fabric has hit the market at a record price of $6.8 million.

The $6,800 silk scarf made by Italian company Silks of the South and sold on eBay, has been nicknamed the “gold silk scarf” by a user of the popular online auction site eBay, who went on to sell the garment for a staggering $7,000 on Sunday.

The scarf, which was made for a restaurant in the French town of Alsace, is called “The Silver Rose”.

The name of the restaurant is known as “The White Rose” because the silk ribbon has a small diamond embedded into it.

The Silver Scarf is made of silk, wool and linen.

Its price tag is about $7 million, according to the listing, which has now been taken down.

Silks was founded in 2012 by four brothers in Tuscany, Italy.

Its silk-wool scarf is a symbol of wealth and luxury in the European Union.

It was one of the first Italian-made scarves to hit the auction block.

The silver scarf, made from a woven silk ribbon, sold for a whopping $7.1 million in September last year.

It is the first of several items that Silks has made to hit eBay’s top 100 highest-selling items list, which is compiled each week.

A new luxury scarf with diamonds embedded in its fabric has hit the market at a record price of $6.8…

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