Which silk floral arrangement is right for you?

Silk floral arrangements are a popular fashion accessory that you can buy on Pinterest and Etsy.

They are great for both wedding guests and for anyone who wants to look their best.

If you don’t already own them, you can try making a custom silk floral pattern.

They make great gifts for friends, loved ones, and even for a date.

You can even buy patterns for your own wedding.

We have the best wedding silk floral patterns to choose from.

Check out our top 3 silk floral designs for a variety of different wedding ideas.

How to make a silk floral for your wedding: 1.

Create a silk pattern by following these steps: Start by tracing the silk pattern onto a white background.


Create another layer of white to cover the pattern.


Fold the two layers over each other.

Make sure to place the second layer over the first.


Take the folded layers and create a spiral pattern using your fabric scissors.


Cut the spiral pattern to the size you need.

If it’s too long, simply fold it in half.

The silk pattern will still be in the correct shape.


Fold over the top of the spiral and use your scissors to create the back of the silk floral.


Sew the back together using the two folded layers.

If the pattern is too short, fold it back over.


Fold and sew the back to the pattern on the other side.


Repeat for the other layers of silk flowers.

The finished silk floral is a beautiful wedding gift.

You’ll be proud of your silk floral and your design.

Silk flowers make great jewelry and a great gift for your favorite people.

Silk floral arrangements are a popular fashion accessory that you can buy on Pinterest and Etsy.They are great for both…

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