Newspaper: ‘The Spanish government should not be trusted’

Spaniards should be “very, very, very cautious” in deciding whether to follow the United States’ lead in cracking down on tax evasion, a newspaper has said.

In a scathing editorial, El Pais said the government was “in bed with criminals” who were “susceptible to manipulation”.

The Spanish government is under growing pressure to crack down on people and businesses who break laws, particularly those in the oil and gas sector, as the country’s unemployment rate climbs to a new record of 11.9%.

In an interview with Spanish television channel Televisa, the newspaper’s Spanish editor, Pablo Delgado, said that while the country had made strides in cracking the economy, it was not ready for an economic recovery.

He also criticised the government’s efforts to crack up tax evasion.

“We must be very careful in our actions,” Mr Delgado said.

“I don’t think that the government is in bed with these criminals.

They are certainly not.

They need to be very, really careful about this.”

Mr Delgo said that “the Spanish government, by its very nature, is an authoritarian institution”, and that the country “has been the victim of some of its own mistakes”.

In June, Mr Delgas also described a “coup d’état” in the country, describing it as “a new form of dictatorship”.

In his editorial, the columnist said that the recent revelations about Spanish tax authorities “reveal that they have become the most important part of a corrupt political system”.

He also suggested that the “government of the day” had been complicit in “criminal activity”.

“The government of the week has been involved in illegal activities, with impunity,” he wrote.

“The politicians of the government of week have also been involved.”

Spain has been hit by an economic downturn in recent months, as Spain struggles to pay off its massive debt.

Mr Deloce said that Spain’s recovery “is in danger of being crushed by the banks and by the private sector”.

In a report published in April, the European Commission warned that the economic downturn could “threaten Spain’s sovereign stability and stability of the euro”.

El País said it was “absolutely unacceptable” that the Spanish government “should be trusted with the task of managing the country”.

“There are no shortcuts in the fight against tax evasion,” the paper wrote.

Spain’s ruling Socialists are also under pressure.

The Socialists have accused the government, led by President Juncker, of “miscalculating the situation” after months of austerity measures that have seen unemployment rise by 30%.

The party also has a growing support base among the young, who make up a majority of the population.

Mr Eloge said that his newspaper was “a source of pride for the youth”.

“We need to show our young people, in this very, same country, that they are not the same as the old generation,” he said.

Spaniards should be “very, very, very cautious” in deciding whether to follow the United States’ lead in cracking down on…

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