Which country’s first class is the best?

The Globe and Mail has put together a ranking of the best air travel experiences across Canada.


Air Canada: A new class of air travel offers a new approach to the world.

It offers air travel without the claustrophobia, isolation and expense of a long haul flight.


British Columbia: With a population of just over 500,000, the province offers a variety of options for travellers from around the world, and its economy has grown.


Nova Scotia: The province offers two options for air travel, one within the province and one outside of the province.


Quebec: The country offers a combination of domestic and international air travel options, and it’s also known for its culture and food.


Manitoba: With its population of less than 1 million, Manitoba is a safe haven for travellers.


New Brunswick: The capital of New Brunswick offers an abundance of shopping, dining and entertainment options.


Nova Sud: With the most beaches in Canada, the state is one of the few places you’ll find an oceanfront, so it’s the perfect place to experience the country’s natural beauty.


Saskatchewan: With an average population of almost 9,000 people, Saskatchewan has plenty to offer travellers.


Ontario: With just under 10,000 residents, Ontario offers travellers a wide variety of travel options and it can be an exciting and unique destination.


Prince Edward Island: Prince Edward Islanders are a well-known group of travellers, and with its large population, the island has plenty of ways to explore.


Nova Sables: With almost 1,000 kilometres of coastline, Nova Scotia offers a wide range of outdoor activities.


Quebec City: Quebec offers an array of options to get your travel on the go, from flights to hotels.


Ontario’s airport network is impressive, and while many travellers choose to take the ferry to Quebec, it’s worth considering other options for connecting with friends and family in the city.


Manitoba has a very diverse landscape, so be prepared to travel across several provinces.


New Zealand: New Zealand is a land of many different cultures and a number of great restaurants, but the country has one thing in common: it’s cold.


Newfoundland and Labrador: With over 12,000 inhabitants, Newfoundland and Maritime is a relatively small province, but it offers a unique opportunity to experience some of the many different experiences in the country.


British Colombia: Colombia offers a number.

There are many options to choose from, with the most popular being to visit the city of Bogotá and explore the ancient city of Teotihuacan.


Nova Zanzibar: This tiny island nation has one of Africa’s smallest populations, and there are plenty of activities to explore along its coastline.


Canada’s tourism industry is still relatively small, but Canada is a major exporter of travel products, and that includes travel services.


Nova Scotian: With nearly 5,000 citizens, Nova Scotians are among the smallest in Canada.

With its small size, it can also be hard to find accommodation.


Nova América: With around 7,000 members, the Américan nation is a great place to visit, and you’ll want to get to know the people there.


French Guiana: French Guia has one in particular that we think you’ll love: the Caribbean.


The United Kingdom: With more than 6,000 member states, the UK is the most populous nation in Europe, and the British Commonwealth is one among many countries in the European Union.


British Virgin Islands: With some of its closest beaches to explore, British Virgin Islanders are known for their amazing cuisine.


The Bahamas: With two million inhabitants, the Bahamas offers plenty of fun activities to do and to see.


The Northern Mariana Islands: Located in the Indian Ocean, the Northern Marias are known as a safe place for tourists to explore the world’s most remote islands.


Panama: Panama offers a range of options when it comes to travel options.


Colombia: With 6,500 residents, Colombia is a very small country, but its tourism industry continues to grow.


British Indian Ocean Territory: With 1.3 million residents, British Indian Oceania is a region with an abundance in the natural world, as well as some of Africa, Asia and Europe.


The British Virgin Isles: The islands are home to more than 20,000 islanders, with a number in the top 10 in the world for biodiversity.


The Cayman Islands: The island chain in the Caribbean has a number that’s often overlooked: the Cayman.


Bermuda: With less than 621 people, Bermuda has plenty for travellers to do in the area, and one of Bermuda’s most popular tourist destinations is the beach.


Cayman Territory: The Caribbean’s

The Globe and Mail has put together a ranking of the best air travel experiences across Canada.1.Air Canada: A new…

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