Trump to unveil Silk Oats, Silk Head Scarfs as first major infrastructure project

President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced plans to unveil a new kind of public transportation system in the U.S., one that uses silk to cover a portion of the roofs of American homes.

“The first of these projects is Silk Oat Milk Stands,” Trump said at a press conference announcing the initiative.

“They are designed to help keep our roofs clean, safe and dry so that we can continue to thrive and to bring more jobs and prosperity to our communities.”

“They are going to help bring jobs to the United States,” Trump added, “because they have a lot of silk on them.”

The project is one of Trump’s signature infrastructure initiatives, which he has promised to roll out in phases to help boost the U,S.


The White House initially said the project was just a few weeks old and would be launched sometime in 2018.

But the project has been delayed for months by the political fallout over the president’s controversial travel ban and his travel restrictions on refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Trump has previously touted his Silk Oatmeal project as one of the ways he would boost the economy.

He promised in August that the project would boost jobs, spur economic growth and create jobs by creating 1 million construction jobs in the first year.

“It will be a great investment,” Trump told supporters in August.

“It will help build a great infrastructure.

It will make our country great again.

It is going to make our economy great again.”

Trump’s Silk Oath project, which is part of his efforts to make America great again, was first reported by the Washington Post and Business Insider.

It was not immediately clear if Trump will also launch a Silk Bean and Silk Milk project, two projects that have been in the works for months.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced plans to unveil a new kind of public transportation system in the U.S., one…

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