Silk flowers bulk at Silk City diner, silk group

A bulk of silk flowers in Silk City’s Chinatown has been seized by police, the restaurant owner says.

Key points:Police raided Silk City and seized large amounts of flowersThe owners have been in a dispute with the city since the early 2000sThe Silk City restaurant had been open since 2002 and was one of the few restaurants in town that allowed customers to bring in their own supplies.

Owner of the Silk City cafe, Mr Scott Wai-wai, said the cafe had been closed since May.

“We’ve been in negotiations with the City of Sydney for about four years now and we’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of negative comments and criticism.

I think the community needs to understand that we’re the first business in town, we’re not a nuisance, we’ve always been open, and the whole thing is just unfortunate,” he said.”

I just want to see the police involved in this, we have a big problem with drugs in the community, we do everything we can to deal with the problem, and that’s all.”

Mr Wai said he hoped the cafe’s owners would take responsibility for their actions.

“They’ve just got to be responsible for what they do, and they have to be more accountable for what happens to our business,” he told the ABC.

“And hopefully we can make some progress.”

The Silk Food Group has been operating in Chinatown since 2002, and its owner, Mr Chan-yung Wong, said he had been approached by police.

“It’s a huge disappointment for us and we are trying to work with the police to try and sort this out,” he explained.

“But unfortunately, as far as we can see, the owners of the restaurant have been the ones that have been making a lot more of a fuss than the other businesses in Chinatown.”

There’s a lot going on in Chinatown, we all need to take responsibility.

“Mr Wong said he would appeal against the decision.”

The city council will decide whether they will or not and we hope they will,” he added.”

Hopefully they’ll have a better understanding of what happened to our cafe, we’ll try and keep going.

A bulk of silk flowers in Silk City’s Chinatown has been seized by police, the restaurant owner says.Key points:Police raided…

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