How to Make Your Own DIY Softcover Penis Pillowcase | Amazon

The Pillow Case for $19.99.

This is one of those “why not” items.

A pillowcase that doubles as a bedside table or couch cushion?

Or maybe you want to take your pillows to work and sleep comfortably.

You’re probably already familiar with the Pillow Pillowcases for sale on Amazon , but this is an incredibly easy to make pillowcase with an adorable and functional design.

The Pillows are made from a soft, stretchy material that can be stretched up and down and held securely by magnets.

You can also use the pillowcase to attach the Pillows to the wall, bedside or table, all of which are designed to keep your pillow safe and secure.

The pillowcase also comes in a variety of colors to match your mood.

Here are some more awesome pillowcase ideas from the Amazon site:If you have any ideas for other cool pillows for sale, share them in the comments below.

The Pillow Case for $19.99.This is one of those “why not” items.A pillowcase that doubles as a bedside table or…

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